The Radiator Advantage - Thinner, Lighter, Warmer

Not all wetsuits are the same. When Radiator released the original thermal vest, it changed everything - and its unique four layer construction is still the benchmark today. This technology provides the superior warmth and flexibility that Radiator has become famous for, in a full range of products from vests to steamers.


Only Radiator combines four revolutionary layers that make up the thinnest, most flexible suit on the market. All while keeping you warmer than other bulky suits. What's more, Radiator has exclusive rights to their revolutionary material that is proven to outperform the copies out there.

Four layer technology

  1. The Nylon jersey outer skin is hard wearing, UV resistant and durable.
  2. Next comes a titanium coating that acts as a highly efficient barrier to the outside cold.
  3. The inner core is made up of 0.50mm closed cell neoprene.
  4. Finally, just to make sure you stay toasty, there's the "SCS" inner lining. This 'slipskin' enhances the reheating effect of your own body and provides another heat dimension.

WATERCO AGENCIES (Pty) Ltd is a Manufacturer / Importer / Exporter of awesome sporting and lifestyle products and is the exclusive licensee of SAMS Shark Deterrent Technology. For all enquiries regarding SAMS Technology currently available in South Africa please contact Giles Pohl: info@waterco.co.za or +27 83 6753801 

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